Answered Prayer

We believe in prayer. More importantly, we believe God hears and answers our prayers.

Jesus, Our Healer!

We cry out to God for help. We do not always understand why Jesus says yes for one and not yet time for another. But when he does work in our lives, let us not forget to be grateful and willing to share with others what He has done for us. (Mark 5:19).

If He has touched you in some way or answered a prayer need, please let us know. All submissions will be considered confidential and will only be released to Pastor Graves and the church elder(s) unless you otherwise give Living Hope the permission to share. 

Answered Prayer Form

Your first name.
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Your sharing with us will be kept confidential. If we have your permission to share with others, please let us know.
If appropriate, may we share with others on our website? We will only identify your response by your first name.
Please describe how Jesus touched you or someone you know.

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